Align with the cycles of Natu​​re and release your physical, mental, and emotional baggage. Spring Cleaning has never felt so good!

When we take our cue from nature, it's like having the wind at our back. This Spring, take the time and space to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul at our restorative spiritual spa where health and wellness reign supreme. Treat yourself to a holistically balanced weekend of high-end spirituality that will detoxify your mind, exfoliate any unneeded emotions and scrub your aura until you are positively glowing! You can soak, soothe and nourish your entire being with our signature spa menu of ocean-side Sunrise Meditations, Harmonyum Healing Treatments, body-polishing Shakti Naam Yoga classes and Divine Spiritual Wisdom discourses that speak to your essential divine self!

Naam Yoga LA: March 24-26, 2017 *** LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE ***


Start your day in the glory of nature, pampered and invigorated by the early rays of the morning Sun!

  • Immerse yourself in nature’s own healing spa where sun, sand, ocean and sacred sound blend beautifully to stimulate your senses and activate your vital life forces.
  • Our Naam meditations massage the heart and spread divine warmth over the entire body!
  • Communing with nature and community during these precious hours fuels us with an indescribable bliss and refreshed outlook that sets the tone and flow for the day.
  • Warming Naam Chai Tea served following the meditations.


Harmonyum is a holistic, physical and emotional healing modality that facilitates change at the root level and creates a platform for lasting change in your life. Harmonyum will:

  • Release mental toxins that cause depression, anxiety, addiction and premature aging.
  • Improve your physical health as you relieve chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Evict old and deep-rooted emotions and decrease negative thoughts and stress.
  • Bring a healthy glow and luster to the skin and eyes.
  • Refine the rough edges of our self-perception so that we may experience our unlimited nature.
  • Aids our shift from self-sabotaging behavior to self-love; depression to happiness; feeling “stuck” to feeling “infinite”; and being “out of balance” to feeling completely in tune with the flow of life.


Known for supporting “immortality” and robust health, the foundation of Shakti Naam has been described by the former Prime Minister of India as the perfect "keep-fit routine when one is constantly on the move and rushed for time." Shakti Naam:

  • Keeps the body from decaying and the mind from declining, giving us a high quality of life at any age.
  • Is a complete approach to healing that nourishes and replenishes the entire body from head to toe.
  • Works as a soothing balm for the glands and nerves and purifies the blood, bestowing upon one a magnetic personality, self-control and an edge on life!
  • Revives the latent electric forces in the body that feed and sharpen brain function.
  • Is accessible at any age and any experience/flexibility level for the rest of your life.
  • Serves as a form of acupressure that opens all of the meridians in the body necessary for total health.
  • Is what lifelong yogi's do to bring life back to the body after sitting for extended periods of time (deep samadhi).


  • (3) Days of Sunrise Beach Meditations (7:30-8:30AM)
  • (3) Harmonyum Healing Treatments (1 daily)
  • (3) Day All-Access Class Pass at Naam Yoga LA
  • (3) Divine Spiritual Wisdom Lectures with Senior Teachers: "The Healing Power of a Tzadik", "Invoking the Alchemy of the Sun" and "Using the Power of Spring to Manifest Your Dreams"
  • (1) Spring Equinox Master Class and Special Birthday Celebration for Dr. Levry!
  • (1) Millenary Vedic Fire Ceremony for Purification (Yagya)
  • (1) Spiritual Spa Gift Bag

3-DAY PASS: $435 by March 15th / $470 thereafter (includes all of the above)

1-DAY PASS: $150 by March 15th / $175 thereafter (includes one Sunrise Meditation, one Harmonyum Healing Session, and a DSW lecture or ritual, depending on which day is attended).

To sign up directly with a staff member or for a custom packages that meets the needs of your schedule, please call: 310.751.7550.

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