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The FYI Course – A Life-Changing Journey to Happiness and Fulfillment – Your Personal ROAD MAP to creating a life you love.

FYI = Find Your Inner and the FYI Course allows you to Find your Inner Power, Light, Truth or insert whatever that you are looking for!

The FYI Course is about self-discovery.We begin by asking, “what if we individuals came with manuals, books of deep wisdom about our soul’s nature, our inner truths, and our purpose on this earth?”What if we could examine and understand our inner strengths and weaknesses, the root causes of how and why we get stuck in our lives, and find ways to shift, move forward and achieve true physical, mental and spiritual health and happiness?What if we could discover personal, customized strategies and useful techniques for finding love, achieving career success, and self-healing?

This IS the purpose of Naam’s FYI Course, a workshop sharing the wisdom, purpose, and power to forever change your life!

This is the deeply profound, personal experience of discovery - a roadmap for this lifetime and beyond. If you are looking for answers, the FYI Course will help you find them. Join us!

~ The Naam Education Team


September 22nd& 23rd – (Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 6pm)

October 20th&21st – (Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 6pm)

Location: Naam, LA

Tuition Includes: All course elements, student manual.

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Naam Yoga is a technology designed for the women/men of this age that merges the practical eastern traditions with the esoteric teachings of the west, known as Universal Kabbalah. Naam Yoga includes dynamic movement, conscious breathing, and sound meditation for a complete package of health and wellness. Naam Yoga uses the transformational power of sound vibration (Naam Meditation) for maximum effects on the overall brain function and nervous system.

Naam Yoga and Shakti Naam Yoga:

  • Revitalizes and harmonizes the blood, glandular, immune, and nervous systems
  • Clears and heals the mind through movement, breath and sound vibration
  • Rewrites the neurological patterns in the brain
  • Develops tissue in key areas of the brain through neurogensis
  • Teaches the natural Laws of the Universe or the Laws of Nature

Benefits include:

  • Promotes positive thinking, feeling, acting, speaking, and attitude
  • Enhances life through self-mastery, self-discipline, and self-healing
  • Restores the body's natural energetic flow
  • Improves circulation, endurance and increased oxygenation to the blood by expanding lung capacity
  • Eradicates disease, stress, anxiety, depression and paranoia through raising our vibrational frequency


ADDRESS: 1231 4th Street / Santa Monica, CA

DATES: September 22-23, 2018

October 20-21, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the FYI program even though I have never taken a Naam Yoga Class?
Of course YES! This training is designed for new students as an introductory program to share wisdom to transform your life for the better!
Can I take the training, even if not considering to become a Naam Yoga teacher?
The FYI Course ("FYI") is designed for students to "Create the Life You Love" and everyone attending will experiencing a deep and profound personal transformation. Each student decides how to express this wisdom in their lives. The decision to teach or learn without teaching is up to each individual and students can continue on to the Rise program ("Rise") or the Teach and Shine Naam Level I 200hr training certification programs as they feel comfortable.
What is included in the tuition price?
The training curriculum and student training manual.

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